The girl behind this blog

Over the past year or so I have wanted to write a blog. I have attempted beginning  one on numerous occasions only to give up several days later. This time WILL be different.

Firstly, I will introduce myself. I am Caroline and I am 20 years old. I will be turning 21 this year….I think it is time I started growing up 🙂

I live with my parents and my older brother, Matthew. I also have an older sister, Isabella, who is currently living her own life down South. I love my family so much even though sometimes I do not always show it.

I am a Christian. Jesus is my passion. I have no idea what God is doing with my life at the moment but I am trusting Him to do what is best. I know His decisions are far wiser than the decisions I would make. God is leading me on a journey. Hopefully you will be able to share in that journey as I write.

I like holding hands, and going to the beach. I love lying on my back, staring at the stars. I love laughing and being silly. I like taking pictures, dancing wildly and singing out of tune. My friends are my rocks; getting me through the rough times and loving me when I am unlovable. I love the wind, and the sun and the rain. I love long walks, alone, listening to my Ipod. I could sit for hours with a book and read. And of course, I love writing.

I hate being alone when it is dark. I hate spiders and any other insect that crawls around under the ground. I hate talking on the phone, even with people I know very well. I hate how my face goes red at the most inappropriate times. I hate it when people chew their food loudly. I hate eating in front of others. I dislike people who think they are better than others and who put others down and make them feel worthless. I hate missing the train by a second and hate standing at bus stops when it is cold. I hate drivers who take over learner drivers….give them a chance!!


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