Just a boring Monday…

I used my new chocolate moulds!!! (I feel like a five-year old getting excited about chocolate!) I created White Chocolate Butterflies and Milk Chocolate Flowers. I also started to make Chocolate Caramel Squares. I say started, I have not finished yet! Well the truth is I cannot finish them as I brought the wrong chocolate. How was I supposed to know there is a difference between Plain and Milk Chocolate? Honestly, I thought they were the same until my dad pointed out that they were completely different…

(I opened the plain chocolate to find it was dark chocolate)

Me: “Ugh it is dark! I don’t like dark chocolate.”

Dad: “What chocolate did you need?”

Me: “Milk.”

Dad: “Well why did you buy plain chocolate then?”

Me: “Is it not the same thing?”

Dad: “No….Milk chocolate is not plain. It has MILK in it…”

Me: “That is just silly.”

Well it is true what they say, you learn something new every day….

“Forget love … I’d rather fall in chocolate!”

– Unknown


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