How am I supposed to feel?

How am I supposed to feel?

I found the above picture a few days ago and could really relate to it. When speaking to certain people I have often asked myself this question. When I am with people who are happy, I do not want to tell them if I have had a bad day. If I have had a good day and someone has had a bad day I do not want to share with them incase I make them feel worse.

Recently I have noticed how often people hide their true feelings. There are many reasons for this; not wanting to annoy others, not wanting to upset others or be a burden. I know because I sometimes hide my true feelings too. We hide our true feelings because we are scared of what others may think of us, scared that they will reject us or abandon us. And that is quite a sad picture to see. It makes people lonely and vulnerable.

I truly believe that we should be honest with each other. We should share our true feelings with those we trust and love. You never know, they may be able to help.

Those that mind do not matter, and those that matter do not mind

– Unknown


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