Don’t give up

I saw the following poem on a blog called Pink Visions and I wanted to share it!!!

One more step, one more day,

  one more challenge, one more try 

Don’t give up

Wipe your tears, face your fears,

heal your wound, clear your mind

 Don’t give up

Don’t doubt yourself, don’t pity yourself,

don’t abandon yourself, don’t beat yourself 

Don’t give up

Don’t lose hope, don’t lose faith,

don’t lose smile, don’t lose interest

 Don’t give up

Forget the pain, forget the past, 

forget the doubts,  forget the disappointments 

Don’t give up

Forgive yourself, forgive the world,

forgive life, forgive God 

Don’t give up

Learn from your mistakes, learn from your defeats,

  learn from your past, learn from yourself 

Don’t give up

Keep trying, keep walking, 

keep facing,  keep fighting 

Don’t give up

When the world says give up, hope whispers ‘try one more time’

– Unknown 


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