It is official that I am no longer a Keele University student. The relevant paperwork will be arriving within the next few days, and I just need to sign and return it. It was possibly one of the biggest decisions I have ever made but I believe 100% that it was right one.

For the past two weeks I have spent time thinking about what I can do for the next year or so. I must admit there have been a few tears; a good talking to myself about what is possible and what would prove more difficult and a number of ideas which I will look into.

Obviously I have spent time praying about it and God has spoken to me clearly. From all the conversations I have had with Him, the one line that keeps jumping out at me is use the gifts I have given you. There was a time when I felt that God had not given me gifts, not even one. I felt rubbish at everything I ever attempted. But recently I have come to love cooking and baking and I always get compliments for those things. I cook for my family four times a week and often help my dad when he is in the kitchen. I also jump at the opportunity to get involved with cooking for church activities and events. I have learned so much about cooking and can confidently prepare over ten meals on my own. I feel God wants me to use this gift. He has placed on my heart two particular plans which I would really like the opportunity to try. I am nervous, scared but excited about them both. I can feel fear setting in again…what if I am told I cannot do it? What if it does not work? What if people think it is a stupid idea?

My other passion is writing (as you can probably tell by now). I know sometimes the things I write may not be worded perfectly but I believe that everyone has the potential to learn and develop. I really feel that God can use me because of my gift of writing. Maybe in a few months I could be writing for a Christian magazine? I could be writing encouraging passages for those who need it most? I do not know where God wants me to go with this but He will reveal his plans in His timing.

There is one other gift that I have noticed recently that I may have. I feel that I am good at listening and offering advice. Friends in the past have come to me for help and they have often said that after speaking together they feel slightly better about the situation (not sure how accurate that is). I think because I have been through some difficult times and I am still standing, I have a passion to help others see that things can get better. It is possible that there is potential for me develop this gift and maybe, in the future, using it for God. But again, I will wait on His timing.

So for those of you who pray, I would appreciate your prayers. And please, if you feel God say ANYTHING then I would really like to hear it. I would also value encouragement or advice. Also if you feel that I have any other gifts then do not be afraid to tell me.

“Don’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon…”

– Paul Brandt


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