There is this girl…

A recent attempt at writing a poem, focusing on hidden emotions and desparation for someone to reach out and help. It started well (I think) and then got a little rubbish near the end!! I am not very good at rhyming…


There is this girl, she is so shy.

She likes to smile, but also to cry.

Look at her; she wears a brave face,

In reality, she is all over the place.

 She may push you away, but do not go,

She needs you, when she is feeling so low.

She needs you to listen quietly,

As she shares her anxiety.

There is this girl, she feels so lost,

Sometimes she even becomes so cross.

She feels so empty, and so alone,

And sometimes has a heart of stone.

If you see her, extend your arm,

Let her know, she does no harm.

Take her close, make her snug,

And please give her a friendly hug.


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