Fight or Flight…

I started this poem a few days ago but have only just managed to complete it. Stupid writers block!!!

Just a little background to the title. I gave it the title Fight or Flight because when we are faced with a problem in life, we have two choices; to run or to fight. In the past I have often ran when life got difficult. I convinced myself that if I ran for long enough it would magically disappear. Oh how wrong I was!!! For me, running away from my problems often made them ten times worse. You only end up hurting yourself. I have realised that it is time I started facing my problems rather than turning my back on them and running as fast as my little legs will carry me. I have a lot of things I need to deal with during the next few weeks. Am I ready? No, but it has to be done! Am I scared? Yes, but it has to be done! And it will be done because with God on my side I cannot fail!!!

Fight or Flight…

She runs into the dark, cold night,

Her mind telling her something is not right.

She glances at the many different roads,

She must choose one before she explodes.

She does not look; her bare feet lead the way,

Unaware of the path, but she must obey.

She keeps on moving, not daring to stop,

Her cheek stings from a single teardrop.

She is scared, broken and feeling hurt,

She slips and falls right into the dirt.

As more tears are shed she picks herself up,

She never was one for receiving good luck.

She allows herself to look around,

It is calm, there is no sound.

She looks up at the clear, dark night,

She sees a star shining so bright.

She hears Him then, whisper in a gentle voice,

Reminding her that she must make a choice.

She could keep on running into the pain,

Or she could fight it with Him who can sustain.

She knows He is right because He is true,

He always helps to see a problem through.

He does not abandon nor does He reject,

God loves and is always willing to protect.

She sat down and opened up her heart,

At the very beginning she did start.

She told Him of the shame that she often felt,

And he replied, with that I have already dealt.

She cried out to Him and begged for his grace,

He lifted her up for a tight embrace.

He held her close until her tears had faded,

She realised that it would soon be ended.

God has stepped in and restoration has begun,

She is not going to let it come undone.

She needs healing, and He is willing,

She has a life that needs fulfilling.

‘What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who is against us?’

– Romans 8 verse 31


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