Voice of Addiction

Finally I get to meet you,

I have been waiting for some time.

I have noticed all of your tears,

Here; something you cannot decline.

I need to introduce myself,

I am your addiction.

You cannot ignore me,

My purpose is to cause destruction.

I love that you were created,

At all times I will be at your side.

We will become friends quickly,

Despite what you think, you cannot hide.

Whatever you are going through,

I can help it disappear.

I will make everything alright,

You have nothing to lose, nor fear.

I bet that you feel guilty,

For falling into my lap.

I am an expert at influence,

I will never let you escape my trap.

You see, you belong to the Devil,

We are just the same.

Everyone has disowned you,

So why not remain in this game?

Do you think you will gain victory?

Listen, you will never win.

You can fight as hard as you like,

I will always be your sin.

I’ll always be your little secret,

I will be there throughout your life.

Years from now you will fall,

And I will happily create more strife.

No and Yes are short words which need long thoughts. Most of the troubles in life are the result of saying YES too soon and NO too late!

– Unknown


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