His Treasure

Life is a struggle, it is hard,

But God is there for every part.

He gives you strength to face each day,

By your side He will always stay.

Your name is written upon His heart,

You were His treasure from the very start.

When you need a friend, He will hold your hand,

And give you courage for you to stand.

He has promised to never leave,

That is something that you can believe.

When you hurt, He feels your pain,

But He will always bring sunshine after the rain.

God’s love for you will never end,

His love, He will continue to send.

He gave up everything so that you could see,

Just how important you were made to be.

You see, He has a plan for you;

Something that only you can do.

So do not give up the fight,

He will guide you, and be your light.


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