No greater love…

Easter means different things to different people. For children, Easter means time off school and lots of chocolate. For most adults, Easter means they are entitled to time off work. For many, Easter is a time for families to come together and spend time relaxing with each other. I am not against any of those things. But for me, Easter is not about stuffing my face with chocolate. Nor is it about spending quality time with my family. I love my family (and chocolate!) but there is something that I have to put before them, and that is Jesus. He is important to me every second of my life but Easter gives me the opportunity to reflect upon the cross. It also reminds me of how much Jesus wants to know me. He was so desperate to know me that He suffered a painful death on the cross.

I watched the Jesus film recently which gives an account of the life of Jesus from birth to resurrection. There were parts in the film where Jesus was beaten so badly that He bled. I was sat there, eyes fixed to the screen with three words in my head. All for you. Every strike He received should have been given to me. The heavy, wooden cross He was forced to carry should have been on my back, not his. The nails hammered into His wrists and feet should have been nailed to mine. Every drop of blood that dripped from His body should have come from mine instead.

When Jesus died on that cross, two thousand years ago, He was screaming out to mankind ‘You are worth it. You are important. You matter to me. You are forgiven. You are loved.’ For me, there is no greater love than that which was shown at Calvary that day.

But the death of Jesus was not the end. Three days later He rose from the dead. He came up from the grave ready for a relationship with the very people whose sin was responsible for His suffering.

He wants to be a part of the life He gave us. He wants to walk with us through the good and bad. He wants to remind us daily that we are loved and that no matter what we do; we will always be forgiven because He has already paid our debts. Jesus did not die all those years ago for that to be the end. He wants us today. He wants us now. He wants us as we are at this very moment. You do not have to be perfect, nor do you have to be whole. Jesus is ready to make you complete. He is ready to take away your past and make your slate clean.

So this Easter, before it is too late, I urge you to look past the days away from work and the chocolate eggs and to reflect on what Easter is really about.

Jesus is waiting for you…Are you willing to let Him into your heart?


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