False Promises

She finds herself alone again,

Broken by that familiar pain.

Desperate she searches for comfort in,

The things she knows will not let her win.

She hates taking this dangerous path,

Knowing she will have to suffer the wrath.

But she has found no other ways,

To get her through the awful days.

She is trapped, too weak to fight,

Everything fading including her light.

Darkness is once again pulling her back,

Dragging her away from the right track.

She knows she cannot go on like this,

But all these things her life will miss.

Even though they make her feel shame,

Life without them would not be the same.

They have been her peace, brought her hope,

Helped her live, made her cope.

But they came with a very high price,

False promises were used to entice.

They promised security, and masses of fun,

She just felt vulnerable, had nowhere to run.

Before she knew it, they took their hold,

To addictions, another life is sold.


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