My Child, remember me

I have seen many YouTube videos and poems that people have written from the point of view of God. I wrote this because I have struggled to fit in, and struggled with numerous fights that I have been too ashamed to speak about. I know that God is always there for me but sometimes I can be so confused and so lost in my thoughts that I lose sight of that. Over the past few weeks, through various people, I have been reminded that God is there. I have been reminded that I belong to Him and that no matter how many tears I cry, God is there to catch each and every one of them. The words are simple but sometimes we need simple words. In the past I have found that simple words can be powerful. Sometimes, simple words speak the loudest.

My Child,

When you think that you do not belong to anyone, remember me.

You are my precious child, and always will be.

 When you think that you are ugly, remember me.

In my image you were created; fearfully and wonderfully.

 When you think you are not good enough, remember me.

You may not be good enough but I want you as you are.

 When things are so difficult that all you can do is cry, remember me.

I have promised that one day I will wipe every tear from your eyes.

 When you are weak and feel as though you cannot fight, remember me.

You can lean on me, and I will be your strength.

 When you think that you are worthless, remember me.

You are worth so much that I died for you.

 When you think that your life is broken beyond repair, remember me.

You can come to me and I will make you complete.

 Love Your heavenly father, God.

 Letter From God




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