Five: Your Dreams

Dear dreams,

When I was younger I was a dreamer and now that I am older, in a sense, I am an even bigger one. Although I have become more realistic about you and realised that some of you will have to wait until I am more prepared, until I am in a place to get to you. The things we want in life do not just appear overnight. We have to work for them and that could take months, even years. Now I am not saying that I will reject you because I still want you, especially those of you who are wild and crazy. I love my wild, crazy life. I want to make my life something; I want my story to be worth telling and worth listening to.

One day I will achieve you and show people that I am not just a shy, quiet girl who is afraid of the future. One day I will wake up and be the person I want to be and I will travel to the places I want to go to. I will be successful in the things I want to succeed in. But, as much as I wish you could, you will not be achieved tomorrow, probably not even next week, or even next year. But I will chase you, all of you. Every day I press on with you, is one day closer to reaching you. I know that, it is not rocket science. If I keep working, and do not give up I will get there. I will be able to show others that I made it, show them that I am not just a dreamer. I will be proof that dreams can and do come true.

You can become reality. You will become reality. And I can only live with hope and determination, that one day I will accomplish you, each and every single one of you.

Love C.J x


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