Six: A Stranger

Dear Stranger,

As a little girl I was always told to stay away from people I did not know. But as I have grown up, I have realised that strangers are not as bad as they are made out to be. To me, a stranger is just another person in this world, living their life the same way I am just another person to them. Strangers are just strangers until they become friends. Is that not how all friendships begin? Two strangers meeting, they get to know each other and then they stay in contact.

I think the best thing about meeting strangers is that one day they can become so important to you that you could not imagine your life without them. That has certainly happened to me and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I started attending a new church, three years ago this coming August. It was an unfamiliar place, full of unfamiliar faces. I was scared, nervous and afraid of what people would think of me. Now, those strangers have become friends and I certainly could not live my life without some of them.

If you are a stranger reading this I want to say that you are important. You are important to me as it means a lot that you are reading this. Your life matters. You as a whole being matters. You may feel alone, or you may feel like you have nobody but if you step into the unknown, take a big leap, then you will see you are surrounded by potential friends. The woman you pass in the supermarket could become your best friend. The man, who delivers your post, could become your future husband. The woman, who serves you in the petrol station, could become your wife. They are just strangers, waiting to become friends.

Love C.J x


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