Save her from herself…

I have wanted to write a poem that does not rhyme for  ages and so I sat down tonight and started to write. My inspiration for this poem was from a blog I read earlier about someone turning back to something good that they had walked away from.

Save her from herself…

She stumbles outside; her bare feet make no attempt to avoid the puddles,

Raindrops hit her pale body as she makes her way through the dark night.

 She is leaving behind all the regrets, all her mistakes, everything,

They will not be needed where she is going; she will not need anything.

 The haunts from her past are swimming in her tired, weak mind,

The voices screaming at her, telling her she can never be loved.

 The wind howls, she picks up the pace, and starts to run,

The pain, searing in her legs is not enough to stop her.

 She needs to get away, away from this so-called life,

But there is nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide.

 She is vulnerable, alone and frightened,

This battle has been fought for far too long.

 This girl is so afraid of the world she is in,

Her life so vulnerable, so insecure and broken.

 The hope fading like a candle burning out,

Unaware of what she can do to turn it around.

 She cries, even screams out for help,

But nobody hears, nobody sees.

 She is desperate for someone to save her;

Anyone to save her from herself.


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