Nine: Someone you wish you could meet

Dear Jessie J,

If I had to choose someone who I wish I could meet, it would be you Jessie. I have loved you ever since I heard Do It Like A Dude all those years ago. I definitely need to get concert tickets to see you. You are absolutely beautiful, inside and out.

Your music is inspirational and you are a very talented artist. Your music has been there for me when I have felt alone, or just when I have needed to dance around my bedroom to calm myself down. The lyrics used in your songs are so true, and so powerful. My favourite song being Nobody’s Perfect. I heard this a few months ago, at a time I had really messed up. I had made such a huge mistake that had cost me so much. I remember hearing it and breaking down in tears. It helped me realise that I am not perfect, and that I will make mistakes. You have been there for me through some of the hardest, most stressful times of my life and for that I thank you.

I recently read that you had a Stroke at aged eighteen. I remember when I was that age, and thought that nothing could ever stop me. You are living proof that everything can be taken away from you in an instance. Thank you for waking me up to reality. You are gorgeous Jessie. I adore your dress sense and the abilities you have. I hope that you go further in the future because your music can and does influence people in a positive way.

Even though I have never met you, I feel like I know you personally. Keep on doing what you do because your music makes my life better. You make my life better.

Love Caroline x


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