Fourteen: Someone you have drifted away from

Dear Lydia,

It was difficult choosing who this letter should be written to because I have drifted away from far too many people lately.

I chose you because we went for a meal last week and I realised just how much I missed our friendship. We both ordered cider and laughed at how big the glasses were – that is just who we are; always laughing at things that nobody else finds funny. All the memories we shared are flooding back as I sit here writing to you. The times we spent GCSE English lessons messing about instead of learning (how I went on to study a-level is beyond me!). The time you were looking up rude words in the dictionary and got caught my Dr Burns. Your whole face turned red and I laughed so hard that I cried. If only he had heard you reading the definitions out, that would have been enough for a referral to the dining room.

I am sat here laughing to myself about that party. You know THAT party. Yes Lydia I am about to tell my readers about the time you had one too many vodkas, stuck your head out the window and convinced yourself you could see the Eiffel Tower. If it makes you feel better, I saw it too (wink wink!)

I remember we sat next to each other in GCSE German; compared to you I was rubbish. We went through a phrase were all we would say was ACH NEIN whenever something went wrong, even when we were not in German lessons.

You will hate me for this but it has to be said remember the lovely Ben? (I really hope for your sake that nobody knows who I mean). I had to mention it because it is why I gave you your nickname; BinLyd.

Besides the ups our friendship did have its downs. All those silly arguments we used to have, the stupid names we called each other, so stupid that I cannot even remember them. It makes me happy to know that we got through all those downs because as we got older, our friendship became stronger. There was a time in year twelve where I thought our friendship was over for good. I do not want to go into it but I am sure you know what I mean. I am just glad that we were both brave enough to walk away and realise that we were better than the way we were being treated by those who were supposed to be our friends.

Thank you for being you, for laughing with me when nobody else would. Thank you for being there for me and helping me realise that life can be good.

Love Caroline x


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