Fifteen: Someone that you miss

Dear Amy/Plaits,

There is no rule that says I cannot write more than one letter to the same person. So my lovely Amy this one is also for you. I have known you for over five years and you feel more like a sister than a best friend.

I miss going to the Cathedral and people asking whether you are my mum, despite me being eight months older than you. I miss sharing a big, fat subway with you and us having to buy mints afterwards so that our breath did not smell of onions. I miss reading the Metro on the bus and hearing you read out random facts. I miss watching films and laughing because someone had a random, funny name. I miss going to Thorntons after school and buying chocolate to eat on the way home. I hate watching Harry Potter alone because I have a tendency to shout out the lines before the characters because we used to be obsessed with Harry Potter, and I am certain that if we were locked in a room together for a day and had all the Harry Potter films we could watch them and know exactly what was coming and who was going to say what next. I miss a level English lessons when we used to laugh at NMC. I miss how we used to get excited whenever we saw a mini on the way to school. I miss dance and Aerobics lessons, especially when we fell over and would just laugh at each other. I miss us laughing at Madame Thornton in Aerobics with her amazing moves!! I miss the times we used to go bowling and would sit on the floor to bring us luck. I miss walking round the Disney Store looking at the cute little baby outfits. I miss the time we went to the Cheerleading Summer School and I nearly broke my back because I was determined to show you that I could do the crab. I miss you wearing plaits in your hair, and was deeply upset when you had your hair cut and could not have it like that again. I miss having someone around who understands me and someone who is just as crazy as I am.

I hate you being in Leeds. But at the same time I am very proud of you, proud that you are following your dreams and doing so well. I am proud of all the hard work you have put into your career. Keep going and one day it will all pay off. I will be right by your side to celebrate with you.

I was reading my Year Eleven leavers book the other day and I am going to quote something you said: I am so glad we aren’t departing now because the good times have only just started. I will love you for ever and ever and ever and etc….

You may be in Leeds and I am in Liverpool but we are not apart, ever. So I just want to say, when you are back, let the good times roll!!

Lots of Love Caroline/Mini!! xxx


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