Seventeen: Someone from your childhood

Dear Miss Waterman,

You taught me in year five, and it is you that I have to thank for my love of Harry Potter. The Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone film was released in 2001 and I remember you reading the book to us, whilst we sat on the carpet eating Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans.

You only taught us for half of the year as you gave birth to your beautiful daughter Ruby but I loved having you as a teacher. You were born to teach. You make children want to learn. Whilst you were on maternity leave, I never worked for the supply teacher who was covering for you. I refused to work and would disrupt lessons and distract others. But you made me fall in love with learning. Your lessons where always fun and very creative and I still remember to this day the work we did on Sherlock Holmes and the healthy eating campaigns. I was excited to go to school!

I will never, ever forget the compassion and kindness you showed me when I was going through a really difficult time. You listened to me, and believed me and my life changed for the better. I owe so much to you, because without your help I would still be trapped in that dark place.

Thank you,

Love Caroline x


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