Sixteen: Someone that is not in your city

Dear Lucie,

I wanted to write this letter to you because for over a year I have hated myself for the way you treated me. For a very long time I blamed myself for all the nasty words you screamed at me, all the silly little comments you made when I entered a room and all the times you hammered on my door wanting a reaction. I thought that I deserved everything you gave me because of what I did. But I have come to realise that nobody should have to suffer because of another human being. It was wrong for you to make me feel the way I felt.

I am not claiming to be the better person; I made mistakes, and they were huge mistakes. But I never, ever once deliberately set out to hurt anyone. In my opinion, that is exactly what you did. You got involved in something that had nothing to do with you. You turned the situation into something it was not. You made others hate me by spreading lies and rumours and you made me a victim in my own home. You thought you would get back at me by playing your pathetic music as loud as you could across the hallway but it just made you look childish. You made me feel worthless, and alone. I was trapped, on the top floor of our residence, staring at the same four walls. I guess you are just that kind of person who loves the attention, and one who likes to make others feel small in order to make yourself popular.

In a way, I am thankful for all those times because they taught me to fight back. They taught me to be strong. They taught me who my real friends are. I am glad that our paths will never cross in the future. I am glad that you are out of my life.

Lucie, you are a bully and bullies never, ever win.



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