Twenty Five: The person you know that is going through the worst of times

Dear KH,

I have so much admiration for you because I look at you and see a brave young woman, even though you think brave is the last thing you are. You feel like you have no hope but I can guarantee that you are wrong. There is hope. Just take a look around you. You are surrounded by people who are desperate for you to be free from your addictions, people who are desperate to love you and people desperate to show you what an amazing life you have waiting for you.

I used to feel the same way you do, thinking there was no point in anything and thinking that I was always going to be held back by my mistakes.  I thought that I was always going to be bound by my addictions. I was convinced that they were going to break me. I have fought for my freedom for six years and even though I am not there yet, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Keep on fighting because every step forward you take is a step closer to freedom and a step closer to the life you were created to live. It will get better but for that to happen you have to keep going.

Always keep a smile on your face because smiles really do brighten up the lives of those around you. Hold on tightly to your great sense of humour because laughter is the best medicine.

You are an inspiration to many and I urge you to remember that!

Love Caroline x


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