Twenty four: The person/people who gave you your favourite memory

Dear my school friends,

For this letter I had to choose one person who gave me my favourite memory but that was proving difficult. Therefore I decided to choose just eight out of my many favourite school memories. Many of them will probably be you had to be there moments. So if you were a part of these memories, thank you for making my school years the best they could be. You are all absolutely amazing. 

One of my all-time favourite school memories has to be the day Darren accidentally set the sixth form carpet on fire, leaving a massive burn mark. We had brought a birthday cake for Sophie and one of the candles would not light. So Darren decided to use a paper towel to try to light it but the whole paper towel went on fire. So he threw it onto the WOODEN table, realised it was wood and pushed it onto the floor. Huge mistake! The carpet caught fire leaving us to hide the burn mark from our strict head of year who was walking towards us in the common room…we definitely did not look suspicious!

When we were in sixth form we went to the Lake District for a team building trip. One night my friends and I were in our room talking. At the time I was in the habit of saying ‘are you messing me’ at every single thing. I cannot remember what we were talking about but I accidentally said ‘are you holidaying me’ instead and Kate cried with laughter, which I found funnier than what I had actually said. Kate went on to remind me of this at every given opportunity and it was still funny a year later.

 In lower school, we had eggs thrown into the school playground on numerous occasions. Every time this happened everyone would run around screaming and all the teachers would come out to see what all the commotion was about. The funniest time was when Mr Bracken brought out his video camera and started to climb the fence in order to catch the culprits on camera. We laughed for weeks after that!

I studied Philosophy in year twelve and my teacher was a little strange. We were in a lesson one day and the song Low by Flo Rida had not long been released. Our teacher who I must add was in his forties, randomly put it on YouTube and stood at the front of the class and started dancing. It scarred me for life but was rather amusing. I dropped Philosophy at the end of the year….

We once went on an overnight trip to London for A Level English, supposedly to enrich our knowledge of William Blake – I remember zero facts I was told that day. Our teacher had booked us a table in the Rainforest Café for our evening dinner. Whilst we were having dinner, children were there celebrating their birthdays. The staff asked them to stand on their chairs and the restaurant would sing happy birthday to them. One of the boys in my English class thought it would be funny to tell our waiter that it was our English teacher’s birthday. And that is exactly what he did. Her face went as red as a tomato and she reluctantly stepped up onto her chair and the whole restaurant sung happy birthday to her. And being lovely students we filmed it. She wanted to kill us!

In GCSE English, we used to mess about….a lot! One of my friends used to sit in front of me. Boredom had taken over and she had found a dictionary and was going through finding random, funny words. When she found ones she thought where particularly funny she would turn round and whisper them and their definitions to me. It was so difficult to keep a straight face. One of the words she read out made us laugh so hard that our teacher asked in front of the whole class have you been looking up rude words again? My friend went straight back to her work, in order to hide the colour of her cheeks!

Sociology in year thirteen was one of my favourite lessons. Also one of the funniest, especially when we had Mr Jenkins. He was such a random teacher and always told us jokes that were not funny but we laughed anyway. Do not waste paper; it does not grow on trees. It would have been a record if he got through a two hour lesson without saying that one. He also liked to dance in class, especially when he thought nobody was watching. That is the best way, right? But seriously what was it with teachers dancing? Mrs O Neill lessons were fun when Sam and I would spend two hours on a Monday morning telling each other about our weekend adventures and antics; only we often had an extra listener: Mrs O Neill as her computer was right in front of our desk. I bet she secretly loved hearing about what clubs we had been to, and what we had been drinking.

Finally I have to mention my ECDL lessons in year nine which I failed, again and again and again. Not because I could not do it, I could if I had actually spent time working instead of playing on Bejeweled Blitz with Kirsty. We spent hour after hour trying to beat each other’s high score. Competitive? I think so. It was not like we were the only ones; at least three-quarters of the class would be messing around playing games. They were good times! And anyway I do not need an ECDL certificate/grade to say I can work a computer. I think I have got pretty far without one…

 So there you have them, a selection of some of my favourite memories with some of my favourite people.

I love and miss you all so much.

 Love Caroline x


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