Twenty Six: The last person you made a promise to

Dear VL,

I noticed you were upset and messaged to see how you were doing. You were not in a good way. You had so much going on in your head and you were starting to lose sight of your purpose, starting to lose the hope that you were trying so hard to cling to. So we talked things through and I promised that things would get better. I promised you that your pain was only temporary because in life nothing bad lasts forever; like the headache that disappears when you have taken a painkiller – it may bug you for an hour or two but it eventually fades. Or the fall that breaks your foot – it keeps you down for a few weeks but it eventually heals. I promised that one day you would wake up and realise how amazing your life is, and how special you are to your family and friends.

I reminded you that you are loved in more ways than could ever be explained. You are wanted by more people than you can even imagine. You are valued and you are respected. You are worthy of love, and of time and affection. And those are words that I want to remind you off. If I could I would remind you every single day.

Those are words I would urge you to remember. When life is going downhill or when you feel like there is nobody there for you just remember those simple words, those short sentences because you mean more to others than you will ever know.

Love Caroline x


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