Twenty Seven: The friendliest person you knew for a short time

Dear Ines,

Sometimes people are placed into our lives at exactly the right time. You were one of those people. I was alone and vulnerable, broken and hurt. But then you came along and it was as if God was saying you are not alone. I will protect you.

I was hated by every face around me. I could not enter a room without a snide comment or a pathetic snigger. I lost my appetite, and was constantly tired yet I could not close my eyes. I was scared of what might of happened next or what remark would be made.

You picked me up after the fall. You allowed me to be a part of your life. We drank hot chocolate and watched films in your tiny flat, and we danced the night away at various halls of residence bars. You accepted me when everyone else had rejected me. You were there for me in one of the darkest times I have ever faced. Just when I thought my hope had run out, you restored and strengthened it.

I truly believe that God sent you as my guardian angel. I can honestly say that without you I would not be here writing this letter; I would be buried in the ground or scattered in a significant place. You kept me safe and you reminded me daily to keep breathing and to keep smiling. You looked out for me until my parents came to take me back to my one and only home. The place where I should have  always stayed.

I want you to know that I am stronger now. I am a fighter, and I definitely do not give up at the first hurdle. I am so much happier too. Life could not be better.

Thank you for being so lovely. Thank you for loving me when I did not deserve it. The world needs more little gems like you.

Hope you are well!

Love Caroline x


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