Thirty: Your reflection in the mirror

When I look in the mirror I see the same person I saw this time last year. Well my appearance has changed slightly; my red hair dye has faded leaving me with hair in between brown and blonde (which I absolutely dislike), I have more spots than I did back then and I have put on more weight than I had hoped I would. But I am still the same person inside.

That is because of the people I am surrounded by. I am who I am because of the people who have entered my life and decided to stay. For each and every one of those individuals, I thank them for making me the person I am.

If this 30 days letter challenge has taught me anything, it is that I am not alone. My life is full of people who mean more to me than words could ever express.

I have three wonderful best friends who are always there for me despite whether they live five minutes down the road or in a different city. They are the ones who keep me sane when things are getting too much.

I have parents who would do anything to see me happy, who love me when I least deserve it and who give up so much of their time and energy for me.

I have a brother who is a constant reminder to live life to the full and a sister who I do not see much off but know that if I needed her she would be there in a heartbeat.

I have dreams that remind me that I must keep going. They remind me that there is hope in my ever-changing, unpredictable world of emotions.

I have an ex-boyfriend who I still love and care about much more than I first thought.

I have a group of people who take time out of their busy schedules to read my blog and who go a step further to encourage me.

I have a celebrity idol that inspires me to rise above all the drama and the hate and to enjoy the life I have.

I have a woman who has done so much for me and changed my life more than she will probably ever realise.

I have a Nanna who I miss so much that it makes me cry.

I have an uncle who showed me what real pain was and who taught me right from wrong during a very damaging lesson; a lesson I needed to know.

I have a friend who I do not see as often as I used to. But one who made me realise that life can be fun and who taught me to keep a smile on my face despite the situations I find myself in.

I have a friend living in Leeds who I miss more than words can say, a friend who needs to come back into my life very soon.

I have someone who drives me crazy but reminds me that I am nice person as I give them the time of day when nobody else does.

I have friends from school who gave me so many laughs, tears and memories and those memories are what I turn to when I need comfort and cheering up.

I have people who I wish were still a part of my life today, people who showed me love and compassion and were there for me when I needed them.

I have a God who never, ever gives up on me even though I have given up on Him in the past. A God who will continue to love me for the rest of my life regardless of what I do.

And I have me, a twenty year old woman who is trying to live a good life, a woman who struggles and one who strives in various different ways.


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