Matthew is my wonderful brother and I love everything about him. He is so full of life and is happy more often than not. He can get angry and frustrated at times but he is no different to anyone else. He has a great sense of humour and never fails to make me laugh. He has taught me so much and I know he will teach me so much more in the future.

One of the biggest things I have learnt is to appreciate the life I have. We often spend so much time grumbling and complaining about what we do not have instead of appreciating what we do have.

Matthew is registered blind. From the day he was born he has never had sight in either of his eyes. Never once have I heard him complain that he cannot see. It must be frustrating for him to have parents, two sisters and friends and not know what they look like. I know it would frustrate me. Many of us take our sight for granted. We take for granted the fact that we can see where we are going, we can sit and read a book or we can go to the supermarket and pick out what food we would like to eat.

I have also learnt that if we lack one thing, we are gifted in something else. Take Matthew, he has near perfect hearing. I believe that everyone has something that makes them happy in life. My brother loves music. He would listen to music twenty-four hours a day if he could. He listens to everything from Cliff Richard to Steps. And that is what makes him happy. I would never consider taking music away from him as it is one of the few things he has.

Whenever I want to complain about something I do not have, I look at my brother, stop and think. Do I have the right to complain? I should just be thankful that I can see, that I can walk and I can talk. And that is so much more than some people have.

I encourage you to think twice about what you have before you complain about what you do not have.


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