The road is long, the struggle is hard but it is worth it in the end…

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you have to throw the same thing out over and over again? I do not know about you but I find it extremely tiresome.

Let me try to put this in perspective. I have a bin in my bedroom that lives under my desk. My bin always seems to get full within a matter of days with everything from scrap pieces of paper to empty moisturiser bottles. My mum comes in every few days and empties it. Instead of taking the whole bin from underneath the desk, she reaches under and gathers the rubbish up in her hands, which always causes her to drop something. So the next time I come to throw something out I find myself throwing out rubbish that my mum has dropped.

Being the thinker I am I started thinking about we try to throw out the rubbish we have in our lives. Maybe it is a relationship we know is wrong for us or the dependence and addictions we have to things that damage us. It is not easy, just like it was not easy for my mum to reach under my desk, whilst avoiding a chair covered in clothes, to gather the entire contents of my bin. It is easy to see that if my mum moved my chair out of the way she would be able to collect the rubbish easily and possibly not drop so many things. In the same way if we remove the things that are stopping us from tackling our problems then they would be so much easier to resolve. For example, if you know you have a dangerous relationship with someone then you could try cutting all ties with that person; removing them from your friends list on Facebook or deciding not to go out with them. The way I see it, our problems are much easier to resolve if we remove the things that are stopping us, easier if we remove the feelings and thoughts that we have off failing and getting it wrong. It is not easy but it can be done. The road is long, the struggle is hard but it is worth it in the end.


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