Day One: Five songs you would have on a desert island and why…

When I first saw this I had a million and one songs going through my head. So here goes…

1. You Never Let Go – Matt Redman: This song was the first ever Christian song that I heard that touched me emotionally. It was Summer 2007 and I had gone away to MCYC. We had just had an evening worship session and we sang this song. Afterwards I found myself lying on my bed crying my eyes out. I could not explain why I was crying. I was speechless.

2. Price Tag – Jessie J: For those of you who know me, Jessie J does not need an explanation. I love her and her music. Price Tag brings back memories of Seniors Plus 2011. Her music makes me want to get up and dance.

3. Read All About It – Emeli Sande: I chose this song because Emeli Sande has an amazing voice. I cannot help singing along to this song.

4. From The Inside Out – Hillsong: I first heard this song at MCYC last year and again it touched me. The words are so powerful and it reduced me to tears. Whenever I hear this I am reminded that I am never alone. And that even though the things we have in this world will eventually fade, the God who loves us will never go with them.
5. Last Friday Night – Katy Perry: I fell in love with this song. The lyrics made me laugh out loud the first time I heard it. It is so easy to sing along to. It puts me in an instant good mood and I am always singing and dancing around to it when I am in the kitchen cooking.

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