Day six: A memory that never fails to make you laugh…

I had a reminder of this today and laughed so much that I just had to use it for today’s post.

My best friend Amy and I had very random days where we sat and watched Harry Potter and laughed at people on film credits who had funny names. One time we were at my house and decided to make Ice Cream Sundaes. As the ice cream had been in the freezer we struggled getting it out of the tub. After all my attempts failed Amy took over. She took the spoon and started beating the ice cream so that it would melt. When that failed she decided to try digging the spoon straight in. She finally managed to get ice cream onto the spoon and became extremely excited. The spoon slipped and the ice cream flew across the kitchen and landed on the floor.

We laughed so hard that we cried. And I had to sit down because I was laughing so much that I thought I was going to fall over 🙂



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