Day Seven: Most awkward first impression you feel you have ever given…

A few years back I was vaccinated against HPV. Three vaccines had to be given in order to be fully protected. As I was too old to be vaccinated in school I had to go to my GP for the vaccines.

So one day I went along to my GP surgery after school. I went into the Nurse’s room and was given the first vaccine. Afterwards I felt okay and so I got up to leave but all of a sudden I went dizzy and fainted. I was lying on the floor blocking the door which ment that nobody could get in or out. Apparently an alarm sounded in reception which alerted the GPs that someone was in danger. My parents told me afterwards that two doctors had left their rooms to come and help the nurse and I. I left the room a short while later and had to walk past the reception area and all the other patients sitting in the waiting room.

For the following two vaccines I had to be laid down on the bed incase there was a repeat of the first time.


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