Day Nine: Five things you want to see change…

1. The current Economic Crisis. In my opinion money is the root of all evil. Everything costs too much! How are people supposed to live when they cannot afford food?

2. Stricter Laws about Pedophiles or harsher punishments. It breaks my heart when the news come on and shows another story about cruelty to children.

3. A new government to come into power. Because quite frankly I really do not like the way the government is running the country. They need to grow up and think about others for a change rather than themselves.

4. Chocolate to be free. Chocolate makes EVERYTHING better.

5. For car insurance to be cheaper. I want a car, and think it is stupid that it costs thousands just to insure it. Will I ever be able to afford it? I would not want my three years learning to drive to go to waste.


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