Day Eleven: A dream you had this past week described in detail…

I was around the age of six or seven and I was back in primary school. The school had organised an activity day which involved parading around a shopping centre. We had to walk around the shopping centre several times as well as through different shops in one long line. My sister was around eleven and she was part of the parade too. During the parade we walked past the Disney Store, the doors were open and they had teddy Tigers on display. As a keen animal lover my sister stole one of them as she walked past.

The parade ended in a children’s play area where we had to walk along a wooden platform which was connected to a climbing frame. In order to get down from the platform and finish the parade you had to climb up and over a really high wooden panel that was connected to the climbing frame. As I am scared of heights I refused to climb the panel and burst into tears because I was stuck on the climbing frame and I was not going to be able to finish the parade. I had to watch as everyone else easily climbed over the panel and finished. Then my dad was there at the side of the climbing frame beckoning me down a different way. I kept telling him no because I had to go the same way as the others otherwise I would not have finished properly. My dad was saying that it did not matter about finishing and that it was okay for me to get down the way he was showing me. But still I kept saying that I had to follow the others. In the end my dad lifted me off the climbing frame himself which ment that I did not complete the parade and did not receive a medal like everyone else. I was really upset!!


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