Day Eighteen: What you imagine paradise to be like…

As a Christian I believe in Heaven. The Bible tells us that Heaven is a physical place and that, if we believe in God, we will go there when our time on Earth is finished. The Bible also says that God lives in Heaven…”The LORD looks down from heaven…” (Psalm 14 verse 2). The Bible states that our treasures should be stored in Heaven, not on Earth (Matthew 6 verses 19-21). All Earthly things will be destroyed but those in Heaven exist for all time.

To me, Heaven is a place where pain and suffering do not exist. It is a place of love, joy and happiness. Our Earthly bodies will be stripped away and they will be replaced by a spirit that is eager to worship our creator. Heaven is a place where we will be rewarded for the work we do whilst living on Earth. We will come face to face with our maker and we will rest in His presence for the rest of eternity.

I believe that God has prepared a place for me in Heaven because I belong to Him. I am His child.


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