Breaking the silence…

It has been two years since I last posted and what a two years they have been. So many things have changed and unfortunately some have stayed the same…

The biggest change in my life is that I now have a job 🙂 I work five days a week in an Opticians as an Administration Assistant and I love every second of it. I wake up each morning feeling happy that I can get up and go to work. I started last October and there have been some challenges but I have faced them head on and not looked back!

Secondly, I am now the driver of a little silver Totoya Corrolla who goes by the name of Tilly. I was looking through some of my old posts a few nights back and came across a post about something you would do if no one stopped you or you knew you would not fail. I wrote that I would rob a bank then buy a car. Thankfully I did not have to rob a bank as I have the kindest and most selfless parents anyone  could ask for. Tilly and I have had some rough times but we are survivors…


I have just come back from a lovely week in The Lake District. It was beautiful! The sun shined every day and we managed to go for a number of days out. I only wish it could have been longer…




At the beginning of May my best friend Rachel and I went to Wales for the weekend to help out a lovely couple who were hosting a weekend away. We got into Tilly at quarter to four and arrived at our destination at seven after a few wrong turns and motorway traffic. We had lots of fun serving others and enjoying being in the country. It was a long, tiring weekend but bring on next year 🙂


I will leave it there for now but I promise to post some more when it is not half past one in the morning. Goodnight all!!


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