Yet another one gone too soon….

When I woke this morning and logged into Facebook I saw the heartbreaking news that Robin Williams was dead. I thought it was some kind of joke, a hoax but Google confirmed that he had indeed passed away.


The speculation is that he committed suicide. My heart became heavy and tears filled my eyes. They were not just tears for his family but for Robin himself. How awful must he have felt that death was his only way out? How lonely and hurt must he have been to want to end it all? We can look at Robin Williams and think he had everything; the fame, the admiration of the world, the wealth. He was a popular actor and much-loved by people of all ages. But still he suffered from depression. It goes to show that status is not everything. It goes to show that wealth isn’t either. Depression affects young and older people. Depression affects those who are rich and those who are poor. Depression affects those who are famous and those who aren’t. Depression can happen to absolutely anybody. We may never know why Robin was depressed. We will never know the demons he faced. We will never know why he choose to end his life the way he did. Suicide was his last resort. Suicide was the final giving up. Robin Williams battled for years with this illness but he still managed to make the world laugh. He still managed to put a smile on the face off so many. He still got up and faced the world despite what was going on in his head. That is why I have so much admiration for him. That is why my heart hurts right now. That is why I am grieving for him. A man who entertained the world, a man who brought laughter into the homes of so many. A man whose life was ended too soon because of a horrendous illness that eventually broke him. I am sure this man will be remembered by the whole world for many, many years to come. My prayer at this moment is that Robin is now at peace.

Depression is ugly. Depression hurts like hell. I urge you, if you feel depressed, to get help. I urge you to find someone to talk to. Go and get the help you need. You do not have to suffer in silence. You do not have to face it alone. Depression is treatable. It may take time and lots of hard work but it will be worth it in the end. You will come out the other side.


Robin Williams



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