Best Friend Separation…

To Plaits,

It is twenty to eleven on a Friday evening and I am tucked up in bed with a large glass of wine and chocolate. If it was this time four years ago I would probably be drinking some cheap alcohol in one of Liverpool’s finest clubs or tiptoeing around in heels trying not to fall flat on my face on the famous cobbles of Concert Square! How times change……


When did we grow up? When did life get complicated and scary?


I wish I could turn back time and relive it all again. I want to sit on the number 80 bus with you every Morning and read the Metro newspaper. I want us to go bowling in Edge Lane and sit on the floor for good luck. I want to go on random train journeys just to see where we end up. I want to go and visit the Cathedral and be asked if you are mum (even though I am eight months older than you!). I want to sit and watch Harry Potter with you and quote as many lines as we can. I want to lie on my living room floor and laugh because an actor has a funny name. I want us to dig spoons into frozen ice cream and cry laughing as the ice cream flies across the room. I want to do Aerobics in the Drama room and fall over just to make you laugh. I want to go to Thornton’s and buy chocolate for our separate journeys home. I want to go to Summer Cheer-leading School again and attempt to do the crab. I want us to go to Gusto in the Albert Dock and balance spoons on our noses and pretend we are pirates.


But I know that the past can not be relived. We both have our own lives now. You being so grown up living the high life in London and me still in Liverpool with a job (well hopefully…). I want to tell you how proud I am of you and I know I have said that a lot recently but it is because it is true. I remember when we were in school and all you ever wanted to do was drama. You spoke often about wanting to be on the West End. You spoke of your dreams, your hopes and ambitions. I felt your passion for them as if they were my own.


So Amy, I want to say this to you right now….your dreams and ambitions are happening. Grab all the opportunities with both hands and hold onto them tightly. Don’t ever let them pass you by. If you do one thing for yourself make it be believing in yourself. Don’t let knock backs set you back. Keep going and don’t ever give up.


Remember I am only at the other end of the phone if ever you need me.

Lots of love Mini



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