Here for you always…


If you read my post a few days ago you’ll know that I am going through a challenging time at the moment. I am feeling very frustrated, annoyed and upset. I feel rejected and misunderstood by a number of people. I feel like a bad person even though I have done nothing wrong.

The support I have received from family and friends has been a blessing. I would not be feeling so determinded to fight if it was not for them. Their support is keeping me going. A little cuddle with my brother or a conversation with a friend really encourages me. When I feel like I am alone in my battle I look to those around me. They feel the frustration I am feeling. They experience the hurt I do. I wish they didn’t have to but I am glad they do.

So for those who are walking beside me right now I want you to know that I will ALWAYS be there for you. I will be there through the bad times and the good, the highs and the lows. I will be your strength when you feel yours has gone. I will be your encourager when you feel like all hope is lost. I will support you through life’s trails. I promise I will never leave you to fight alone.


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