Always be yourself..


Always be yourself.

Do not change for anyone or anything. You are exactly the person you need to be.

Accept your flaws and imperfections for they are a part of you. Embrace your strengths, your abilities and your personality for they are what make you the person you are.

Do not change in order to gain acceptance, love and worth. You already are accepted and loved. Your are worthy of the air you breathe. Your life is worth so much to all those people who take the time to text you to see how you are, who invite you out for coffee every other week.

Love the person you are. Despite what you have been through you are still here. You are a strong individual with a lot to give. Use your life experiences to help others. Be someone’s life-line if ever they need one.

Never be a fake. Do not hide behind a mask. Allow others to know the real you. Be brave and be honest with people. Be open with others. They will appreciate that.

Remember, always be yourself.


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