Back to reality…


So my week at Energise is over. The last day is always the hardest of the camp week. It is a day of thank you’s, goodbyes and hugs with special people. In all honesty I fought back a tear or two throughout that morning. 

My heart hurt as I wrapped my arms around those precious people and listened to their heartbeats. The steady beats of their hearts were a real comfort to me. They were reminders that I am not alone. The sound of their hearts told me that they are there for me. It reminded me that they are people too with their own feelings and emotions. They have their own hardships to face. Despite what they are going through they still put their arms around me and reminded me that they cared, that they loved me. And that made coming home so much easier. 

It was encouraging to know that they are there for me, and that they are only at the other end of the phone, an email away or a half an hour drive away. I have made big mistakes in my life and these people have stuck by me even when I have disappointed them. 

I have been home for two days now. I really miss Camp and being surrounded by beautiful people. I got to know new friends and spent time with old ones. I miss giving my adopted mother a hug every morning at breakfast. I miss blasting music and dancing round the bedroom. I miss raving in the dining room to Human by The Killers. I miss throwing water balloons at everyone. I miss rec room fun times at two o clock in the morning. I miss the gorgeous food that we were served everyday. I miss sitting in the tuck shop eating Smarties and laughing until tears streamed down my face at the conversations that were going on. I miss riding in the convertible with my partner in crime and singing along to Wiggle by Jason Derulo. I miss beating boys at pool at midnight. I miss the down the lane bizarre conversations as well as the serious ones. I miss being surrounded by people who accept me for who I am and do not judge me. 

My partner in crime puts it perfectly...
My partner in crime puts it perfectly…

Thank you to those who organised the week and made it what it was. Thank you to those who challenged me with their words. Thank you for those who hugged me when I needed it. Thank you for those who made me laugh and gave me great memories. 

Take me back to MCYC please?


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