The world we live in is focused on greed. It is about having as much money as possible, the biggest house, the most expensive car. There are so many people in our world focused on getting rich, being popular and having the best of everything. My heart breaks for those people because greed is a horrible thing to have. Greed leaves you wanting more and you are never satisfied.


I earn under £500 a month, I live at home with my parents and my older brother and my car is certainly not an expensive one. But I am happy. I am blessed. In my eyes I am rich. To me being rich is not about how much money I have in my bank account or how nice my home looks.


To me, being rich is about how much love you give and receive. It is about the kindness you give to others and the kindness you receive from them. Being rich means being surrounded by loved ones, having food on the table at the end of the day, having clothes on your back and a roof over your head. You may not have hundreds of pounds in your bank account but you are richer than those who are homeless or starving. You are richer than those who are living life alone or those who are wearing the same clothes they wore yesterday and the day before.

I volunteer for a charity called Christians Against Poverty (CAP). A friend of mine is a Centre Manager at my church for CAP. She goes out and visits families and individuals who are struggling with debt. Many of these people cannot afford to put food on the table, or to pay their electricity bill. They cannot afford the luxuries that you and I take for granted. CAP is an amazing charity. They offer FREE debt advice and have helped so many people turn their lives around and become debt free. At my church I am in charge of organising the food that we collect for our CAP clients. To me a bag of food is not a lot but to our clients who receive that food it is a lifeline. And to be able to provide that small bag of food to them is an honour and a privilege.


My challenge to you is to think about how rich you are. I am not saying money wise but in terms of the loved ones you have around you, and the kindness that is shown to you on a day to day basis. Take it one step further and visit that old lady down the road with a few of the everyday essentials, or the single mother struggling to make ends meet.

Richness is not about money. Richness is about love.

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