Missing you


It has been just over a week since I last saw you and I miss you so much. I have spent the last few hours trying to be mad at you. But, no matter how hard I try, I cannot bring myself to dislike you. Even when you have upset or hurt me I still love you. In fact, those times make me just want to cuddle up close to you until everything is better.


You are gentle with your words and loving with your actions. You give the best hugs; it feels as though you are holding onto me for dear life. Your scent is gorgeous and I love that I can still smell it long after you have gone.


I need to stop missing you and need to stop letting you know. It breaks my heart knowing I do not mean half as much to you as you do to me. I wish that I did not feel so lost without you by my side.


All I want right now is to lay beside you and fall asleep cuddling you, allowing you to stop these nightmares and let me sleep peacefully.


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