It is over…

So, it is finally over, the one thing that has given me endless sleepless nights for five weeks. The thing that has made worry consume my mind. It is over. Finished.finished

My work contract has been terminated. I have been given my four weeks notice. I have known for a number of days now that this news was coming. I could tell it was going to happen. I was expecting myself to break down, to fight a little harder. But that did not happen. I accepted it and walked away. I left that room with a real sense of peace. I was not upset or angry. I was not worried about what would happen next. To be honest I was relieved. The past five weeks have been a struggle. For the past five weeks I have been nervous and scared. But as soon as I stepped out of that room the nerves disappeared. The burden was lifted from my shoulders and I felt as though I was able to stand tall, and be proud of who I was.


So, from this moment, it is onwards and upwards. I do not know where I will go from here but I have a God who does. I am willing to depend on him one hundred percent. After all, His plans are far greater than the plans we make for ourselves.



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