Hiding from reality

She once had it all figured out,
Thought she knew what life was about.
She was happy, everything to live for,
Could not wait to get out the door.

But it all changed that day,
She found a fault in her way.
Everything fell apart around her feet,
Life she often tried to cheat.

She tried to pretend that she was fine,
Tried to pretend she was on the right line.
She could no longer hide behind the mask,
For the help she needed she could not ask.

She was scared and feeling alone,
Her laughter turned into a groan.
She had nowhere to go, nowhere to turn,
All she could do was watch her life burn.

They thought she was strong,
Nothing seemed at all wrong.
She had a bold laugh, wore a smile,
Told a joke every once in a while.

All she wanted was to hide away,
Let her life pass day by day.
She had nothing left to make life good,
She was so misunderstood.

She tried so hard to reach out,
But her mind was full of doubt.
Would they listen, would they care?
Offer her support, would they dare?

But she is still just a lonely soul,
Broken, tired, out of control.
She is deeply ashamed and completely lost,
Her problems came with the greatest cost.



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