Week One: Salvation

Recently in church we began a thirty week bible study group; The Journey. Metaphorically we are travelling from Damascus to Jerusalem exploring a number of different topics on the way.

Week One: Salvation

Matthew 1 verse 21

Romans 5 verse 8

Ephesians 28 verse 9

Romans 10 verse 13

John 1 verse 12 -13

John 3 verse 16

We focused on the above verses in our own time then joined together as a group to discuss. The main point we discussed was that salvation is something God had done for us. His love and grace for us saved us. Salvation was his gift to humans. There is nothing we, as humans, could have done that would have saved us.

We also looked at becoming God’s child. In order for us to become His child we must accept God and believe in what the Bible says. God is the only one who can give us the right to be His children. Again, nothing we, as humans, do make us His children. He sacrificed His own Son in order to allow us to enter His family.

Memory Verse of the Week: 

For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life

John 3 verse 16 was our main focus this week. It is one of the most well-known verses in the Bible and one of the first that new Christians memorize.

My personal thoughts on this verse were focused on God’s love. He loved me before I even entered this world. He loved me before I gave my life to him. He still loves me now even when I mess up and get things wrong. The love that He has for me saw him sacrifice his own Son just so I could be saved from sin and have eternal life.

Other members of the group found this verse as a source of encouragement. The verse speaks solely about love. There is no judgement or punishment. God is a non judgemental God. He does not punish us for our mistakes. When He sacrificed his Son it was to cover all sin; the sin already committed and the sins that would be committed in the future. God knew we were going to fail. He knew we would get angry, get jealous and that is why when Jesus died two thousand years ago on that cross, it is still relevant to us today.


We can ONLY be saved by the Cross.


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