I have seen this quote a number of times over the years but it has only been recently that it started to mean something to me. Over the past two weeks I have been through something that has changed me. It has destroyed my confidence and knocked me down to the ground. It has made me question who I can call upon as friends. It has forced me to take a look at my life and consider what I am doing with it. I will admit that I am scared. I feel totally alone and vulnerable. I feel lost and far away from those I love and care about. My head is full of regrets, guilt and anger. I am finding it hard to deal with these emotions. I wish that everything could go back to ‘normal’ but it can’t. What do I do? Who I go to when I need help? Who do I go to when I just want to break down and cry? I feel as though I have nobody. Nobody understands what is going on in my head and nobody can take away the pain and destruction caused by a stranger. I just need someone to be beside me and promise to not leave me. I need someone to hold my hand and promise to not let it go. I am weak and I cannot do this by myself……


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