Goodnight Lynda Bellingham

I awoke this morning to the very sad news that a lady who has graced our television screens for over forty years had lost her battle to cancer. Lynda Bellingham, best known for the OXO adverts in the eighties and nineties, passed away yesterday in the arms of her husband.

I remember last year when Lynda went public with her illness. It was a shock for so many people. The news that her cancer was terminal surfaced in September this year. Lynda made the brave decision to stop her treatment and spend one last Christmas with her family. Sadly Lynda’s battle did not allow her to fulfil her wish.

I want to take a few moments to remember a brave, courageous woman. Throughout her illness Lynda was positive and whenever she appeared in public she had a smile on her face. She put on a brave face and did not allow cancer to stop her living life. She was a much loved actress and presenter. She gave her all to everything she did whether it was television commericals, television programmes or charity work. Lynda was a passionate woman and I could clearly see that from the times she presented Loose Women. The world has lost a truly wonderful woman.

It is sad that cancer is claiming lives all over the world. It is sad that cancer affects not only those diagnosed but their family and friends.

My prayers right now are for those around the world who are fighting the same battle that Lynda fought. I pray that their stories are different to Lynda’s. I also pray that a cure for this horrible disease is found quickly to save families from the heartbreak and pain that Lynda’s are going through right now.

Lynda Bellingham

1948 – 2014


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