God is good!

I had to share my day with you.

So today is the official end date of my one year apprenticeship. However I have been off sick since 14th August. I have spent the last two months fighting to get back to work. I 10454521_10152886666117384_7972630991259944629_npleaded with work and I begged God to help me. I tried everything but I was handed my termination letter four weeks ago, and today it is finally all over. Over the last week or so I have been thinking about what happens next and where do I go from here. I spoke to a few close friends, phoned up a few people for advice, applied for a few jobs but nothing was really sticking in my head. I knew what I had to do and for some reason I was not motivated to do it.

Today, as I was in the car driving along, I promised myself that I would go online tonight and fill out a new Job Seekers Allowance claim. I had been putting it off for a while because I was desperate to not be back in the system. I did not want to get lost in a system that I fought so hard to get out of. I arrived home and procrastinated by doing some Christmas crafts. Suddenly my phone rang and I looked at the number and thought why are they phoning me? It was an agency that I had completed an eight week work experience with last year. They left me a message and I phoned them straight back. The conversation that followed totally baffled me. I was offered two weeks work, starting on Monday, with the potential of there being more weeks after the initial two. My heart skipped a beat and I could not believe what was happening. Here I was on my final day of my apprenticeship, no other job lined up and about to sign on at the Job centre. That one phone call saved me. That one phone call was my lifeline. I immediately said yes and after putting the phone down I let out a little cheer. Even though it is only two weeks to begin with I now have a new job. I am really nervous but equally excited! A new start, a new challenge and hopefully the start of a new adventure for me. images (2)

The biggest thing that has come from this is God’s goodness to me. The day I left work in August I was ill. I was weak and extremely exhausted. I was surviving on very little sleep. At the time I hated being sent home. I wanted to stay and carry on. I was trying to ignore what my body was telling me. But eventually I was going to break down if I did not rest. Over the last two months God has taken me on a journey. I hit rock bottom and then He slowly built me back up again. I spent time at Church, spent time with my friends and family and I went to Wales and got closer to God. Since coming home last month I have worked more on my relationship with God. I feel closer to God more now than I have ever done before. I believe that God has been working in my life. I prayed for a new job but I still remained jobless. God heard my prayer but his answer was wait. I now understand why the answer was wait. I needed rest and I needed to get back on track before I got stuck into something else.

So, I will wake up on Monday morning, get myself dressed in my work clothes, climb into my car and head off to this new, exciting challenge awaiting me.



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