Being busy…


I was reminded of the above words today. Often so many of us find ourselves filling our lives with meaningless things. We become so busy that we forget about what is important. We lose sight of the fact that there are people in our lives that need a little how are you doing message every now and again. We forget that there are people who would appreciate a hug or two. We push people away because we are too busy for them.


The thing that struck me the most when I was thinking about this was that those people that we find we are too busy for, don’t give up on us. It is us that gives up on them without even realising we are doing it! It will only be a matter of time before those people realise how busy you are and they will walk away.


I would urge you to make yourself a promise. Promise yourself that you will never be too busy to check in with those you love. Promise yourself that your arms will not be too full that you cannot wrap them around someone you care about. Promise yourself that you will always make time for that person who just needs to know that someone is there.


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