Alone with the night…

She sat alone in the dark listening to the waves crashing against each other. The wind howled above her and her body shivered from the cold. She poured her heart out into the open air. Her eyes shed tears as she begged for this pain to disappear. The word sorry escaped her lips more times than she could count. 

She had messed up, again. The wrong thoughts had entered her mind and gossip had fought its way out of her mouth. She had hurt those she loved. She had hurt those she cared about. Her heart was breaking from the pain she had caused. She was scared of being alone. She was angry with herself. She  did not know what she could do to make everything right. She did not know who she could turn to for a shoulder to lean owaves-at-nightn. You see, this girl was broken and lost. Confused and vulnerable. Yet she still found herself alone when she desperately needed a hand to hold hers. She was completely alone when she needed an arm wrapping around her shoulders. There was nobody there to tell her that everything was going to be okay. It was just her and the cold, dark night….


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