Christmas is officially less than six weeks away. Five weeks and five days to be exact! 

Everyone seems to be in panic mode as they rush around finding that perfect gift for their partner, their in-laws and their children. The shops seem to be getting busier as it gets nearer to Christmas. Children are preparing for their Nativity plays and Christmas parties. Parents are searching their homes for the best place to hide presents from excited children. Families are preparing to get together round the table and tuck into turkey with all the trimmings.

Christmas is a fun time of year for all ages. Children receive new toys to play with and parents get to spend a few days away from work. Grandparents create precious memories with their grandchildren.

Although I enjoy the food, the family time and the presents, Christmas is so much more to me. Christmas is one of the most important dates in the Christian calender. Two thousand years ago a young girl gave birth to a little boy who was given the name Jesus. His birth signified hope for all people. Jesus spent thirty three years on Earth before He was nailed to a cross. He had a crown of thorns placed on his head and nails hammered through his hands and feet. He died on that cross. The reason? He did it for you and for me. He died for our transgressions. He died for our sin. He took the pain that should have been ours. He took the torment and name calling that should have been thrown at us. Love kept him on that cross. He loved you and me so much that He stayed there until He took His last breath. However that was not the end. Three days later He rose from the grave. He rose again so that He could be part of my life. He rose again so that He could walk with me through the battles that I face. I am overwhelmed by the fact that MY sin nailed Jesus to a cross yet He STILL wants to know me. He STILL wants to care for me. I don’t know how I would feel if I had a crown of thorns on my head and nails through my hands and feet. I don’t know how I would feel if my father sacrificed me like God did with Jesus. But what I do know is that I am thankful that God did sacrifice His son because without that my life would have no purpose. Death would be the end. I am thankful that Jesus died for me, died for my past mistakes and my future ones. I am thankful that I have a relationship with God because without Him I would not be here today. I am thankful that when I feel as though things cannot get worse, God intervenes and turns everything around.


  Dying for you was the most He could, living for Him is the least you can do


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